5 Classic Flower Arrangements for a Classic-themed Wedding

When the time to tie the knot comes, you will need to have everything in order. The church, the wedding dress, the reception. Everything needs to be in order so that your special day will not be ruined. And one of the most important aspects of a wedding and reception is the flower arrangements. But do not go to xpress flower just yet. You will still need to know which flower arrangement to pick. Choosing the right flower arrangement is key in getting that dream wedding you always wanted. It will set the tone for your special day. So Most people prefer a classic-themed wedding. If you are one of those people, here are 10 classic flower arrangements for that classic-themed wedding:

Alabaster Wedding Centerpiece. This arrangement is set atop an alabaster compote. It has pomegranates and foxtail grass flowers. The overall look of the arrangement makes each centerpiece look like they were from a Victorian botanical garden. This classic design is capable in holding its own.

Bundled Wedding Bouquet. Having bundled wedding bouquets as you walk down the aisle is a wonderful experience. It will feel like you are walking through your family garden or through a park. You can have your favorite flowers bundled together to add a personal touch. Regardless, consider having the bouquets bundled together with a lace that complements the flower arrangement.

Blue and White Bridal Bouquet. There are colors that you could consider as a classic pair together. Blue and white are a couple of those colors. They just work well together and are pleasing to the eyes. The color combination does not only go to bouquets alone. You can have your wedding centered on that motif.

Victorian Wedding Bouquet. This is a classic. You can have pink and white roses as your bouquet. It provides a luxurious yet simple feel to the whole event. People will certainly notice the bouquet and they will notice you holding that bouquet. This bouquet is reminiscent of classic Victorian style.

Wedding garland with Easter Lilies. This wedding garland is the perfect backdrop for those simple weddings. The white Easter lilies are strung on fishing lines and hung from above to create a floral backdrop. This garland beautifies any room into a dreamy and classy room fit for a wedding.

These are just some of the flower arrangements you can have at your wedding. If you plan to have these at your special day, then visit Xpress Flower. They will have what you are looking for.