Every Girl Deserves An Education

I believe that all the girls around the word have the right of education, no matter if they come from a low income  family . They deserve to learn and become better persons, to educate them self and be successful. Hopefully making economy better by working in a professional job. The main point of the first lady and Obama, and also a couple of organizations is to make girl believe in their self's, we all are equal and deserve to be treated equally when it comes to education.

Action Plan:

We all can contribute, my action plan is to let girls know around the world that we are here for them and we can help them get same education as us. Girls from the third world deserve to be treated same way as girls from the "first world", they deserve to be educated they deserve to be respected and most important they deserve to get their ego and soul feed with education so they can be strong, just like us. Education is everything.

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2 years ago

We are them. #Girls #Education.