McCormick Reaper

July 1831

What is my invention..

The McCormick Reaper was a crude machine made from cast iron. The machine was made with two wheels and had iron trends to cut the crops and harvested crops. It had a flat 6 foot long plate for the cutting bar.

It's Purpose...

The McCormick Reaper was a huge advantage especailly with the location that it was made in. While farmers were out focusing on the rocky hills others could be focuing on the crops with the McCormick Reaper. Its purpose was to help cut grain and wheat faster so farmers could get more done.

Positive & negative..

Postive effects the  Reaper harverested crops like wheat and grain. The McCormick Reaper could cut up to 15 acers a day when without it you could only finish 3 acers.It was awkward and noisy and frightened the horses but still gave cut grain and other harvested things.

How does it work?

How does the McCormick Reaper work? Horses, cows and other animals you might have would push or pull the McCormick Reaper wherever. When you finished the day you covered so much it made such a difference. With the McCormick Reaper you finish three times faster then you would with other things invented before the McCormick Reaper.

What is it today & how did it impact the north and south?

Something similar to the is McCormick Reaper today is a "Wheat Harvester" It does the same thing that a McCormick Reaper does but it more modern and has more abilities then when the McCormick Reaper was first invented.

The McCormick Reaper had impacted the north & South America by starting to help get crops and harvest things sooner! It also helped farmers not waste as much time and get more done! It had a impact on the civil war & slavery.