Why Golf Matters

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

I wish I would have started a healthy relationship with golf at a younger age than I did. I starting playing in my early twenties. Before that I thought golf was boring and didn't have much to offer me. One of the many stupid thoughts I had before my early twenties... When I first starting playing, I would go out and try to hit the cover off the ball every time. I only had a driver, 7 iron and putter for about 6 months. I want to make sure that you don't this is the beginning of a triumphant story about how I used to suck and now I am a scratch golfer. That is not what I am going to say because I am still pretty bad. I have my moments but they are few and far between. But I continue to play because I feel golf has lessons for me that transcend my score. I believe that golf is the sport of choice for businessmen and businesswomen for a reason. I will share some of my scattered thoughts about what golf has taught me about being a better businessman and person.

Nothing can out-shoot effort.

You can get lucky and ring up some great scores on a hole or two. However, luck is fleeting and cannot get you through. Your true skill level and preparation will rear its ugly head during every round. If you don't practice, it will show. If you don't play often, it will show. The only way to get better at anything is through intense practice. If you intend on putting up great scores or being successful you must put in more work than the guy you are going up against.

There is no free lunch. - Sanjay Varshney

There is only one name that matters on the scorecard.

Say you are playing on a familiar course and you always shoot 83 there, plus or minus 4 strokes. Then you play your buddy and he shoots 110 and you shoot 103. You won! He has to buy you drinks at the clubhouse. How do you feel? You are probably happy you get to drink for free but I bet you don't feel great. In golf and life you are competing against yourself. You are trying to outperform the you from yesterday. When you focus on what you can control you empower yourself to improve. You don't get better by others getting worse, you only get better by getting better.

Consistency is key

Great golfers and businesspeople are consistent. They outwork others day in and day out. If they aren't getting the results they want, they work harder. You may beat them on a hole or two but their consistent and methodical approach will keep them putting up strong numbers for the whole round. That is how they win. They put their ball down the same way, they read the greens the same way, they won't let anyone rush their approach. They leave the flash for others. They take the risks when they have a high likelihood of success. When they don't, they lay it up. They don't allow pride and emotions to cripple how they approach their game or business.

Greatness is a lot of small things done well, day after day. - Ray Lewis