Favorite Season

Makayla Harkness

The Snow is falling! There was fresh baked cookies, Christmas ham,and chili all on the table. When I saw the food it made me think more about what we were going to have for dinner Christmas eve.

I look out the window and the ground was covered with white blanket of fresh snow. Maybe except a few parts. The house behind us has blue, green, and red Christmas lights .There’s presents under the tree. And stockings filled with joy .

I wake up and the first thing I hear is Christmas music. Then I walk outside and I hear people laughing and screaming as the sleds go down hill.

It’s time for lunch and I can just imagine how good the sugar cookies and chocolate is going to taste together. The first thing to come to the table is hot chocolate and junk food. Boy was it good.

It’s time to go outside and it’s so cold. I slipped down the stairs because it so snowy/icy. There was frost on the roofs and snow on the ground it was the white Christmas I was waiting for.

It came to opening one present since it was Christmas eve. I was happy, excited, joyful, thankful, hopeful.

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