Features Added To Windows 8 Consumer Preview

It’s a known fact that PowerShell posed a lot of difficulties to the users of Windows 2008 in the past. However the current Window Server Manager has undergone a complete designing change with many noteworthy changes to PowerShell. Previously designers had failed to address a lot of essential operating system solutions .For instance management of things like DHCP or DNS were not possible then, due to the lack of native PowerShell cmdlets. This redesigned Server Manager has many PowerShell commands for beginners that were absent in previous Window 8 operating system.

Apart from it the current Window 8 Developer Preview users will observe a lot of changes both in the interface and content. Some of these changes can be noted below;

  • The launch of Preview enables users to view the Windows Store. It can be considered as a response to Apps Store of Apple for Mac and iOS devices. This store is presently offering software free of cost and users need a Microsoft like Live Messenger and Hotmail account to get the apps available in the store.
  • Consumer Preview comprises of a Semantic Zoom. This feature enables users to pinch the Metro Start screen resulting in an easy view of the apps tiles.
  • Another newest feature added to Windows 8 apps is ; Spell Checking
  • Users can easily browse through the running applications. This enables them to swipe their fingers on the touch screen right from the left side of the and then back out of it.
  • The thumb keyboard is also an essential discovery of Window 8 Preview. This plays a vital role in putting all the letters on the screen virtual keyboard that is both at the right and the left of the screen, enabling convenient thumb typing.

To conclude although Windows 8 Preview is quite similar to the previous version, yet the current operating system has undergone much refinement. So users should try it to believe it.

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