What has white and black fur and eats bamboo?  The panda is one animal that everyone knows and loves.In this tackk, I will be talking about baby panda's, food, shelters, and why they are endangered.


         Panda's should be cared for our world would not lose a very unique, cute, and lovable animal.  People hunt panda's down but why.  How are they important?  Why do people care? Read on to know the answer's.

Baby panda's

     The first minute that panda's are born, their eyes are shut very tightly and they are very pink as a flamingo.  When they age up, they start growing some fur, earning their mom's gene, starting to open their eyes, and getting their skills on food.   It takes weeks for a panda to age up.  Each baby panda cub weighs about 3 1/2 ounces.  Isn't that amazing!  There are extremely small.   "No other mammal gives birth to a baby so much smaller than the adult of its species".


     As known, Panda's live in Central China or are moved to live in zoo's. It is most common that they are forested in mountains by tree's and rain forest.  Panda are losing more and more of their shelters because of weather, fires, and tree cutters.  Panda's will find a small hole in tree's or will find a warm, comfortable cave that would be very sturdy.  Those are the panda's habitat.


     Bamboo is one of the most common natural food that a panda would eat.  Bamboo contains sugar that would give panda enough energy to run when danger is near.  Panda's also eat fruit like apples, strawberry's,banana's, oranges, and blueberry's and many more.  Panda's also eat onions and carrots.

Why are Panda's Endangered?

     More and more panda's are the leaving the world because of weather, hunting, and shelter destruction.  The cold destroying the only diet that panda's have to survive.   People are also building rail roads, train stations, and facility's that destroy's the rain forest for panda's.  Their habitats are destroyed by tornado's and hurricanes and fires.  "The giant panda is listed as endangered in the World Conservation Union's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Species".

Why are Panda's important

     Why are panda's important?  Why is the world depending on the panda's to keep the nature safe? Panda's  are important because they travel spreading fertilizer and seeds around the forest.  In my research it says its a growth of vegetation. "The panda‚Äôs habitat is at the geographic and economic heart of China".


     This is why panda's need help.  The are a natural resource to the forest.   Baby panda's, shelters, food, why panda's are important, and why they are endangered are ways to know a lot about the panda.   Know you can become the panda helper or a zoo's assistant like you've always wanted.  


Gene:  A unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring.

vegetation:  plants considered collectively, especially those found in a particular area or habitat.