Life with Fashion Blog #2 Episode 2 Season #1

In this Episode we are doing a Summer Do or Don't, so lets get started.

This is a Fashion DO/Fashion Don't! I say it is a fashion do because I like the mix with the pink and the yellow. It says YAY IT IS SUMMER!!! I think it is a Fashion Don't because of the sequins (HEY I LIKE SEQUINS 2 JUST LISTEN TO MY POINT). Since it is summer I think the sequins will just make the outfit a little hot because of the thick material in the shorts. It is a wonderful outfit though just wear it on a day that isn't as hot.

Hey guys I was just letting you guys know that after this there will be a special edition of Life with Fashion. Feel free to say what you want about the outfit above. Have a great week/weekend and stay warm and have fun.NO MEAN COMMENTS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!:)