Alyna's Book Report...  
"Shouldn't You be in School?"

Names and Genres...

The name of the book is Shouldn't You be in School? , the author's name is Lemony Snicket, the illustrator is Seth Godin, and the genre is mystery.

Plot Development, Protagonist/Antagonist,
Characters, and Settings ...

Plot Development: Man vs. Man


Protagonist: Lemony Snicket

Antagonist: Hangfire

Characters: Apprentice Lemony Snicket, Moxie Mallahan,Ellington Feint, Theodora S. Markson, Jake, Sharon, and many more.

Main Settings: The Department of Education and Stain'd by the Sea

I Would Recommend this Book to...

probably 3rd graders and up. This book has some confusion going on, yet the solutions to the problems make your mind go WOW! Personally, I love Lemony Snicket's books. I've read the Unfortunate Events series and now reading the All the Wrong Questions series.


Apprentice Lemony Snicket and Theodora S. Markson are detectives. Do you smell smoke? Hangfire is the villain of Stain'd by the Sea. Stain's by the Sea used to be an ocean. Hangfire has been setting off fires in buildings in town. In this case, a barn is being burned down. With the help of Lemony's friends; Moxie Mallahan, Ellington Feint, Jake, and Sharon Heints, Lemony solved the case and protect the Department of Education. There has been much history with Ellington Feint who is now in jail. Lemony always finds a way to figure who Hangfire really is. This time, he didnot solve this mystery. The children are stuck on Off Shore Island waiting to be rescued.

In Conclusion...

Something I noticed about the writing was that the book was told in 3rd person. The illustrations was that the main color of the cover is the main color of the illustrations. This book reminded me of heroes saving the world because Apprentice Lemony Snicket was solving crimes in Stain'd by the Sea with his partner Theadora S. Markson. A connection that I have to this book is I love solving mysteries. For example, there was a lost dog at our house during spring break, and we solved the problem. Lastly, me and my brother loved to play spies and solve crimes when we were younger.


When There is a Mystery to Solve, Soar Above the Enemy.

Daniel Handler
Apprentice Lemony Snicket and Receptionist


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