The Mayan World

By: America Soto

The Maya civilizations and cities existed since 300 A.D-900A.D. They were one of the most sophisticated civilizations in the America's.

What were the cities like?
>The cities were the administrative and ritual centres for regions which included the city itself and agricultural hinterland.

How did they dress?
>The Mayans primarily wore Loincloths that were made out of cotton, in the hot. In the cold, they wore a cloak called a manta.

What did they eat?
>Avocados     >Guavas      >Tomatoes  >Meat
>Sweet potatoes    >Chava (fruit)   >Jicama  >Corn

How did they get their food?
>They farmed their fruits and vegetables and they hunted animals for their meats. Sometimes, they would have a small herd of animals. (2-5 animals)

What did their warriors look like?
>The warriors would have stoned, wooded, or shelled weapons. Some warriors would also carry shields. They also wore feathered headdresses, jade jewelry, and clothing made from skins of dangerous animals.

Around how many people lived in their civilization?
>In an empire, up to 200,000 Mayans could live together.

What gods did they believe in?
>They believed in many gods and goddesses. Chac, or the god of rain. Kinich, or the god of Sun. Yum Cimil, or the god of death/ underworld god. Ixtab, the suicide goddess. Kukulcan, the god of wind.

Within my reading and my hard work of research, I learned that Mayans also invented basketball and herbal medicine. Not to forget that they were also the creators of the accurate calendar. This is why we, until this day, have 365 days in our year! Also, many of them tracked cycles of the sun, moon, and even the planets. By 700 B.C, they invented a writing system. They wrote books... HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of books! Later on, they also made schools and libraries within their civilizations. Then, by the 900 B.C no one really knows how but the Maya civilizations just disappeared.

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