Presentations 101
R.I.P. Powerpoint

Giving presentations is a life skill. No matter what kind of job you will have in the future you will need to be able to have good public speaking skills. It really doesn't even matter what tool you use to all comes down to this you have "PVLEGS?"

Throughout the school year we will be working on our presentation skills using the PVLEGS model.

Chapter 2 Presentation Assignment

* You will work with your chapter 2 team to create a presentation over the content in your assigned section (see shared googledoc on Blackboard).

* You may use any of the online presentation tools on the chart or any combination of those tools to present:

* You will need to check the rubric (on Blackboard) and verify that you have met all guidelines to receive full credit for this project.

* You will need to fill out a peer critique form (on Blackboard) for each section of chapter 2 (including your own as a self-assessment). You should be concentrating on the presentation itself...think PVLEGS.

* You will need to use class time wisely. I am here to help! You have the rest of the week to plan, prepare, practice, and be ready to present on Monday. Good luck and get ready to make something AWESOME!