Create a Tackk
Elementary Students

Presented by Mrs. Tackes

How to use Tackk

Using the Tool Bar to your right...

Click on create (upper right corner button in blue) and pick the type of flyer you are looking for. I am currently using the School Assignment View.

Then choose a color square or a palettes, the painters color wheel. I am using a color palette called, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Type in a title and your text.

Format your text: alignment or the type of font. For the Title and subtitle above I am using the center alignment and the font type of Architects Daughter. This can be found  under the picture of the capital letter - A. For the body of my Tackk I am using the left aligned font. If you would like to bold, italicize, use bullets or numbering, please select your text and a pop up tool bar will emerge.

To add another section please use the tool bar at the bottom of your screen. This tool bar allows you to add more text (header or body), photos, video, audio, buttons, map your location, sell, or form. For the purposes of this class we will only be using the headline, text or photo buttons.

What pattern would you like to use for your background? Choose wisely. Use the picture of the roller paint brush. I am currently using Bokeh. It looks like bubbles!

After you are completely finished with your assignment, use the options sections that looks like three electrical cords to make your flyer: public or private, customize your title, use a photo for the background instead of a theme, make the corners of your flyer rounded or square, enable the comments feature or not, and customize your URL - web address.

Once you click on Finish and Share we can then choose the print option so you can have a copy to bring home.

There will also be a link available for only seven days for you to write down and go online to view with your family and friends. If you would like to create a permanent account you can sign up with your parents. All you need is their permission and an email. Then any flyer you create will be here forever - or until you delete it or your account.

Before you get started let's take a look at an example or two that I have created!