The Game

by:Ethyn Goldsmith


Super bowl 48 was at the dome. In New Orleans Louisiana. The electricity went out for about 30 minutes.


Did you watch super bowl 48? If you did or didn’t read my tackk The Game it’s about the teams, the players, the new players and the winner and the loser


The teams were the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. It was a brother v.s Brother. The coaches were John Habaugh for the ravens. Jim Habaugh


The star players for super bowl 48 were. Joe Flacoe and Ray Lewis for the Ravens. Alex Smith and Patrick Willis for the 49ers.those were the star players for super bowl 48.

New Players

The new players for the 49ers are Colin kapernick anquan Bolden there are a lot more than those 2 and for the ravens A LOT


Super bowl 48 was an amazing game. The teams were San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. They were extremely good. The story is about the Players the New Players

And finally the winners and the losers

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