"The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight"
By:  Jennifer E. Smith

Hadley Sullivan a young,delicate, and enduring teenager from the United States. Hadley is going to her Father's second wedding in London. She has already missed her first flight and the next available flight will have her landing in London just a few hours before the wedding ceremony. But not everything is going to bad for Hadley,while at the airport she meets a radiant boy named Oliver. Coincidentally he is headed to London as well and will be on Hadley's next flight. Soon it is time to get on the plane to travel  the over night trip to London. The journey to London felt like a magical experience fro Haldey. Oliver told her many stories and made her laugh. No one had ever made her feel the way she did when she was with Oliver. When they arrive in London the ginormous crowd of rushing people separate the two of them. Will Hadley and Oliver's fate bring them back together?

Quote & Theme


"Fate brings two people together and its loves job to keep them there"



The Author's message is fate can cause anything to happen.

Protagonist & Antagonist

Protagonist: Hadley is the protagonist because the book is about her trip to London and what happened in London.

Antagonist: The antagonist is Oliver because he does not tell Hadley the truth about somethings he tells her.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance and mystery. The ending really surprised me and the book over all was a treat to read.

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