Road Trip

Miami Marathon

• The Miami Marathon is a marathon that goes through the Miami streets, like downtown, gorgeous beaches and bay areas. It is a marathon that is held in late January so the runners don't overheat in the awfully hot summer weather.

  • Distance from NC to South Beach: 800.39 miles
  • Midpoint for pit stop: (1037.5,0)
  • Mardi Gras - New Orleans, Louisiana

    • Mardi Gras is an event that is celebrated in Louisiana during the month of February. Mardi Gras literally  means "Fat Tuesday" and is the traditional way of preparing the Christians for the season of Lent.

    • Distance from South Beach to New Orleans is: 760.34 miles.

    • Midpoint for pit stop: (687.5, -225)

    PNC Park

    • PNC Park is a baseball park that is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates. It's location along the Allegheny River gives the park a scenic riverfront and downtown skyline.

    • Distance from New Orleans to Pittsburgh: 1,088.53 miles.

    • Midpoint for pit stop: (883, 100)

    Yellowstone National Park

    • Yellowstone National Park is a national park located in Wyoming and even in parts of Idaho, Montana. It is a volcanic hotspot home to many forests, geysers (most famous being Old Faithful), and hot springs.

    •Distance from Pittsburgh to Wyoming: 2,265.92 miles

    • Midpoint for pit stop: (360, 650)


    • Hollywood is a large neighborhood in the Southern coast of California; Los Angeles. It is most remembered for its entertainment industry.

    • Distance from Wyoming to Hollywood: 2,711.55 miles

    • Midpoint for pit stop: (-175, -200)

    Back Home

    • Distance from Hollywood to Mooresville: 1,978

    • Midpoint for pit stop: (700, -525)


    • Total Distance from start to finish:

    11,471.55 miles

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