Rikers high

By paul volponi

Martin stokes got sent to rikers island because he got caught by telling a undercover cop where they sell weed,bud,Reggie,kush,purple diesel.

The book is about Martin that gets sent to rikers island because he gets caught telling a cop where they sell weed and it's all about his experience in jail and how he survives. At first he's new but then they get him in a program in jail that's like school and he meets his friends and he's out to get somebody with a spider tattoo in his face because he stabbed him and left a mark in his face

The setting is in rikers island witch is a jail in New York .

I like this book because it gives me some connections of people that have been locked up

Paul volponi is a journalist he taught kids in rikers island.he holds a MA in American literature and a BA in English from Baruch

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