Softball is my life

That is my hobby

I am so thank for that my family lets me do this because I love doing it! I play for the sneaky cleats it is a  really good traveling team. I play shortstop and my number is 21. The person that I look up to is Sister Green I like to  do batting with her.

This is the sneaky Cleats

This is the sign for the sneaky cleats and our saying is the Philippians 4:13

My whole family has played softball or baseball so it is a thing that our family like to do we all love doing it.  My mom's mom played my mom's dad played my mom played and now me and my brother my dad does play too. My dad is the one that buys the stuff for us. He is the one that show  us how to play  and if it was not for him I would not be this good at it.

These are the bats that we use in softball we use deMarini bats they are good bats we like to buy the 199-300$ ones because  our family thinks those are better.

This is the fun time after the practice.

What we do for fun

We go to find a place to eat most of the times that have wifi but we all go a whole softball team then we come but we watch the other teams. we play volleyball and sometimes sleep

NO pain NO gain that is what our coach tells us when someone get hurts.

Here is some quotes

it is big

HERE is the link to the sneaky cleats web site  push the button