We Will Remember Them......

The School Story

On this day as the world remembers the great sacrifice for our freedom at the Battle of the Somme, 100 years ago today, it is entirely appropriate that we republish this Tackk that went out in 2014.

At 7.30 am on 1st July the allied troops were sent 'over the top' with the direct order to walk thinking that the German defenses had been 'softened up' by days of bombardment by artillery. In actual fact the German had 100s of machine guns and the 1st July became a slaughter, the bloodiest day in the history of the British army with 20,000 killed in one day. Over the next 5 months 1 million men on both sides were killed injured or missing.

The school has its own War Memorial on the side of the building in Back Lane and on it are the names of Old Alleynians who have died in the Great War and conflicts since, local men who went to a foreign field to fight for our freedom, our futures, who never made it back.

Every year in our remembrance assembles we hear the names of the fallen past pupils read out by the Head Boy and Head Girl, it is ever more important that we put the stories to those names.

With thanks to the Uttoxeter Lost Generations Website we are able to share what happened to the old Alleynians, on our War Memorial, who died in the Great War.

They are not just names, they are people who died fighting for our freedom, the youngest of which was Eric Holdcroft aged just 19.

Follow the links below to see the story associated with each name, could they be related to you?

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/gadsby.htm - GH Gadsby

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/bakerjfp1.htm - TF Baker

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/bennetthcp1.htm - HC Bennett

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/eatongp1.htm - GW Eaton

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/ellyp1.htm - CJ Elly

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/faulkner.htm - P Faulkner

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/hassall.htm - WL Hassall

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/holdcrofte.htm - EC Holdcroft

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/holdcroftwl.htm - WL Holdcroft

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/hollingsworth.htm - W Hollingsworth

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/speechly.htm - TM Speechly

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/tortoishellgh.htm - GH Tortoishell

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/titley.htm - WL Titley

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/vose.htm - T Vose

http://www.uttoxeterlostgeneration.co.uk/wilks.htm - H Wilks