Trench Layering
By: Erich and Olivia

Trench Layering

Trench Layering is when The parent plant is planted at an angle (30-40 degrees) so new shoots can be pegged down in shallow trenches and covered with soil. When rooted, the shoots can be detached from the parent plant and planted out. Trench Layering is a subgroup of Layering.  Woody ornamentals such as azalea, camellia, magnolia, oleander, and holly can also be propagated by Trench Layering.

Steps for this method:

Step 1. Gather Materials

Step 2. Choose a point on the plant's stem for encouraging new growth

Step 3. Cut the plant's stem at the location you've selected

Step 4. Apply rooting compound to the wound

Step 5. Wrap the wound in the plant's stem

Step 6. Replant the new plant when it is ready

Materials needed for method:

1. A sharp knife

2. Thick cotton thread

3. Clean plastic sheet

4. Hack saw blade

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