Arabian Peninsula                 By Brody Shields

Today I will tell you things to bring and tips about the Arabian Peninsula if you time travel there.

If you travel to the Arabian Peninsula then you should know that the place is dry of course so you should find these water sources called oases they have water and plant life and as you can see by the oases there are people that live there they grow fruits and dates there, so be on the look out for oases. another tip is that you might need to get some loose clothing maybe you can find some money and buy some because during the day the weather can get to 110 degrees so then air can pass through your clothes and will cool you off and during the night it get really cold so your loose clothing is probably thick so will keep you warm, so you should wear the clothes that the man is wearing in the picture below the oases. And they raise goats so you can get some goats for you just like the man is holding.

The thing you should bring there is a small portable fan with water at the bottom because as I told you it will be hot and be sure to fill up the water as much as possible like the picture under the man. PS don't let the other people see it or they will freak out. The next thing to bring is blankets because it gets freezing at night.

Today I have told you tips how to survive in the Arabian Peninsula and things to bring there.

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