Bromine by Isabella Corio

Element Symbol- Br

Atomic Number- 35

Mass Number- 79.904 (80)

Net Charge- 0

# of Protons- 35

# of Neutrons- 45

# of Electrons- 35

Properties of Bromine

  • Gross, strong smell. (Greek word "brómos" means "strong smelling" or "stench")
  • Density: 3,12 g/cm3
  • Deep, reddish/brown color.
  • Not flammable
  • Dissolves in water

Phases & States of Matter

  • The state of matter in nature is liquid.
  • Boiling point= 58.8°C or 137.8°F
  • Melting point= -7.2°C or 19°F

Uses of Bromine

  • Water purification (water treatment for pools and hot tubs).
  • Flame resistant plastic.
  • Developing photographs.

Other Facts!

  • Bromine compounds are in sea water.
  • Too reactive to be freely in nature.
  • Poisonous, causes skin burns if you touch it.

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