My Alien

Alien Name: Tony.

Alien age: 11 on Earth and 6.1 on Mars.

Alien Weight: 90 lb. on Earth and 33.9 lb. on Mars.

Planet of origin- Mars/ terrestrial.

Basic Facts

Mars is four planets away from the sun in the solar system.

Mars has two moons their names are Deimos and Phobos they are some of the smallest in the solar system.

Mars atmosphere is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Its also very cold.

Mars has no weather.

Its really cold on Mars -125of.

A Day in the life Page

Mars revolves around the sun in 686.98 days.

Mars rotates every 24hrs and 37 mins.

The length of a day is 24hrs and 37mins and a year is 687 days.

The diameter of mars is 4,222 miles.

Interesting Facts

Mars is called the red planet because iron minerals rust making the planet seem red. When visiting mars it is said to be a cold desert world. Mars has volcanoes, canyons, and mountains on its surface. Mars canyons are so big if on Earth it would go from New York city to Los Angeles. Mars has the biggest volcano in the solar system called Olympus Mons. To give you an idea it would be three times the size of Mount Everest.

Description of my Alien

Tony has thick skin like a sea lion to keep him warm on Mars. He has four eyes so he is able to see from more than one spot. Tony has sharp fingers this is to help him dig for his food. He has a mouth like a hose to suck up the dirt that he has dug up. His feet are like a track on a army tank this helps Tony move across Mountains and canyons with no problem so he can get from one place to another.

Tony is a consumer.

He eats dirt and no one eats him.  

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