Benefits about Obtain Iso 27001 Certification in Singapore

As the worldwide, the continuous development of informatization level, information security has become the focus of attention, the world within the scope of the various agencies, organizations or individuals have been seeking for questions about how to ensure information security. All countries set their own standard for information security. Singapore also issued iso 27001 certification Singapore, as a standard to protect information security. At present, in the aspect of information security management, ISO 27001 certification has become the world's most widely used and typical information security management standards, it is established under the guidance of information security management committee.

Information security management system standard can effectively protect the information resources, protect the health of informationization, orderly and can order development. The iso 27001 certification Singapore -

is in the field of information security management system standard, similar to the ISO9000 quality management system certification. When enterprises through certification, it means the enterprise information safety management has established a set of scientific and effective management systems as a guarantee, it can bring you some benefits:

1. The introduction of safety information management system can coordinate all aspects of information management, so as to make the management more effective.Between

2. The increase of communication between enterprises, through the record of information security management obvious interests can see heart of safety management, and provide a foundation for the masses of users and service providers of equipment management. At the same time reduce the interference factors, create more revenue.

3. Through iso 27001, certification Singapore can guarantee and prove all department's commitment to information security.

4. Certified can improve the performance, eliminate the distrust.

5. To obtain international recognition, available on the international recognition, expand your business.

6. To establish information security management system can reduce the risk, through a third party certification can improve investors' confidence, as well as other interest parties investment.

7. The enterprise shall, in accordance with the iso 27001 certification Singapore standards to establish information security management system, investment is needed, but if through the certification audit, there will be a higher value in return.

7.Enterprises through certification within the same industry leading position, regular monitoring and review and improve the enterprise information system, as to strengthen the basis of information security, make customer and stakeholder corporate commitment to information security.

8. Through the certification, to prove to the government and industry department in charge of organization of conformity of the relevant laws and regulations.

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