Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

                         Everything You Need To Know About Vaping

So the first question that comes to mind here is what exactly is vaping? It is quite the craze at this point of time and people have been raving on about this. It is interesting to know that vaping is very similar to an ancient Indian and Persian custom that is known as Hookah and that is based on the same concept as vaping. So vaping basically means to inhale the vapor that is produced by water. This is generally done by making use of a personal vaporizer or an e-cigarette. In the Indian and Persian version of it they make use of a tall non electric stand which is heated by coals. It gives a much better quality of vapor but has the disadvantage of not being exactly portable.

This brings us back to the craze about vaping that is doing the rounds at the moment. Though it might sound alike but it is very different from smoking. This is one of the main things that people who are craving to buy their first mechanical vape mods should understand. An ecig or a vape mod should not be considered as a healthier replacement of actual tobacco cigarettes nor should one ever think that it would help you quit smoking all together. The act of vaporizing can be as addictive and it is not completely free from nicotine either. Although as compared to tobacco it has a much lesser quantity of tobacco and the ecig juice contains only 4 to 6 ingredients whereas the tobacco cigarettes contain 4000 chemical ingredients. Another benefit that you do get from ecigs is that they are odorless and the vapor does not cling to your clothes or crowd the air. So if you do catch this habit then unless someone catches you in the act or you tell someone, people would never know. Also ecigs are much cheaper than actual cigarettes and the vape liquid is also pretty cheap so it saves you big bucks.

Now for beginners who are getting excited about this, to be able to do this you need certain supplies such as an e-cigarette machine or a personal vaporizer and the most important ingredient, you need the juice. It is fairly easy to procure the vaping liquid since it is also available online. You can easily place an order and get it delivered to your home. Websites such as Dusty’s Insane Vapes provide free shipping to people who place an order above a certain amount. You get the juice in different flavors such as honey O cereal or strawberries and cream. You can take your pick as to which you like and place an order accordingly. Choosing the right ecig juice is important because that is the flavor you would savor as long as you are smoking on your ecig. And believe me, the taste does linger in your mouth for a while so you have to be extra careful about the flavor that you choose.

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