Alkaline Earth Metals
Group 2A


4 protons , 5 neutrons, 4 electrons

solid at room temperature

melts at 1287C; boils at 2970C

beryllium is hard , brittle medal, grayish-white

contains 1 isotope, has an atomic number of 4, and aromic weight of 9.01

Used for cars, gears, and space shuttles


12 protons, 12 electrons, and 12 neutrons

solid at room temperature.

650 Celsius is melting point, and 1091 Celsius

magnesium is silver, dull, and shiny

Covered with a thin layer of oxide that helps to attack the metal from  air, it burns bright white flame to give a mixture of mag. oxide, and reactive towards the halogens such as chlorine or bromine.

used for fireworks and sparkles, flash photography, and production of uranium put of salt.


20 protons, electrons, and neutrons

solid at room temperature

melts at 839.0 Celsius, boils at 1484 Celsius

Calcium solid, cubic, relatively soft metal

Has 6 isotopes, when it is heated in our air/oxygen , it ignites, and it is highly reactive with acids.  

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