George Washington

By: Dylan B
Biography Project Mrs. Hemry 8th Grade Language Arts Class 1st Hour

George Washington Picture

Born February 22, 1732

Westmoreland, Virginia,British America

Died December 14, 1799(aged 67)
Mount Vernon, Virginia, U.S.


George Washington was born in westomoreland, Virginia, British america  on February 22, 1732. He grew up on a ferry farm where his dad passed when he was years old. In his early life he was influenced by his brother Lawrence who was a soldier, that's one of he reasons George is a soldier today.

Significant events in his life

George Washington's brother Lawrence's death

His dad's death when he was young

Getting 8 deadly diseases

Getting or losing money a lot in law related issues

He lost more battles than he won


He was the only president to have been anonymously elected in the electoral college

He became the continental chief in the Continental Army in 1783

He helped create the first federal government

He won the battle of Trenton

George Washington was the first US president

George Washington fought back to the British

He was one of the best generals in history

He was the first president that irrigated in two cities

He was one of our founding fathers

He was the only president to fight in a battle while being a president
He was one of the soldiers in history

Unique facts

he survived 8 to 10 deadly diseases by the time he was 25 years old

George Washington moved when he was seven years old but he did not want to move

George Washington started school when he is six years old

George Washington's middle name was nothing he didn't have one
He was a very wealthy man.

People who influence George Washington's life

Brother Lawrence influence him to be a soldier

Dad/Augustine Washington

Mom/Mary Ball

Augustine /sister

Betty/ sister

Words  of advice

Keep your nails clean and short also your hands and your teeth clean: by George Washington

Every action done in a company are to be done with some sign of respect to those that are present: By George Washington

Theme of George Washington's life

Never stop fighting at what life throws at you

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