Ozark Highlands

Visit Joplin home of the Ozark Mountains

  Did you know that a waterway in this city is Grand Falls? Also a major landform is the Ozark Plateau, which is the start of the Ozark Mountains.  Did you know there was a Official league baseball team called The Joplin Miners? Joplin has a historic mansion named The Craigen Mansion, Lon Craigen was the builder of The Craigen Mansion. This city also has a historic coal car that you can visit. There is also a historical Union Depot. You should go visit the George Washington Carver National Monument. There is also a Joplin Museum Complex. You should go visit the Reptile World Zoo in Joplin Missouri.  You have to visit Richardson's Candy Factory this is fun for the whole family. Well what are you waiting for, stop listening to me and just go visit Joplin, Missouri.

                       Aubree Patterson   :)

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