No Pants Subway Ride Cleveland 2014

With or without Betty White, you can make January 11 hot in Cleveland

Before you whine in befuddlement about why it's called what it is, even though we don't, technically, have a subway in Cleveland, google it and you'll find out that it started in New York City, with Improv Everywhere, and has now caught on to over 60 of the hippest cities around the world. You'll also stumble upon a treasure trove of YouTube videos--enough to see you happily through the worst of the next few weeks at work.

"I found out about the Ride while I was looking for things to do in Stockholm," said the founder of improv events group NoPantsCLE. "A friend had just moved there for work, and I told her 'you HAVE to do this'! After clicking on a link to see if anyone was doing this here, I got an email congratulating me for volunteering to organize the ride for Cleveland!... I almost chickened out, but there's no reason we shouldn't have something this awesome to help us get through January in style--so we did it. That was a few years ago already, and it's been great being part of something that people now either look forward to, or castigate as the work of Satan.

Don't jump to conclusions because you see the words "no pants": it turns out to be quite the family-friendly event. Boxers, briefs, shorts, kilts--even the occasional pajamas for the truly apprehensive. Recognition is usually always given to the year's oldest and youngest particaPANTS. Clicking on a few of those videos quickly gets a smile from all but the most diffident of church ladies.

"We had people last year from Buffalo come specifically for our ride, and we're looking to grow more, but it's not really a spectator sport. People tend to want to come and watch, but it's a participatory event, so come be a part of it on the 11th! Bring the kids--bring everyone you know (the only cost is for an all-day RTA pass). We've done our best to invite Betty White and the gang, but it is very close to her birthday so I'm sure that's why we haven't heard back, yet. "

For more details, including where to meet up, get on the FaceBook or the Yelp and look for 'NoPantsCleveland,' write to, or just go here:

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