Day 18 (Reflection)

I learned a lot because of this project. First thing, I learned how awesome my Grandpa is!

Second, I learned that the triangle is actually  the STRONGEST geometrical shape.       

Another thing that I learned is that making something right is worth the time, I could have stuck with my old chair, but that would've been a disaster, so I redid the entire thing, but it took me a rough 9 hours through the span of 2 days.

Lastly, I learned that glue actually doesn't stick. What it does is, over time, it becomes a solid, and solidifies the 2 things that it's between.

I wish that I would've chosen the Scratch programing, because to me, it looks easy. I don't think that cardboard chair building is my future career though, but it has taught me some good lifelong lessons.

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