Venkata Yadavalli

1. Election of Reagan… when, what party he belonged to, how close was the election, etc… He is elected TWICE so make sure you cover both elections

  • Election of 1980
    • Republican Candidate: Ronald Reagan
    • Democratic Candidate: Jimmy Carter
    • 3rd party (Independent) Candidate: John Anderson
    • Reagan was the oldest person nominated for president by a major party.
    • There were a series of televised debates between Reagan and Carter, in which Reagan constantly attacked Carter’s performance record as president.
    • In the end, Ronald Reagan wins with 489 of electoral votes, while Carter only got 49.
  • Election of 1984
    • Republican Candidate: Ronald Reagan
    • Democratic Candidate: Walter Mondale
    • Ronald Reagan wins with 525 of electoral votes to Mondale’s 13 electoral votes.

2. Issues/concerns over the national budget

  • Reagan’s economic legacy
  • Neo-conservatism
  • Reagan focused much of attention on reducing the size of the federal government, while decentralizing and deregulating federal agencies.
  • Reagan demanded deep reduction in several areas, including welfare, food stamps, and student loans.
  • Also wanted to cut income taxes, believing that lower taxes would give people more money to spend, in the while, the increased spending would in turn generate more goods and jobs and make the economy grow (also known as Reaganomics).
  • Also included Supply-side Economics, increase spending in Military, and a Large increase in national debt

3. Reagan and the Cold War

  • Brought back Truman’s containment policy
  • renewed the Cold War by warning the USSR not to spread Communism and naming them the “evil empire”.
  • In 1983, he proposed a defense system called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also know as “Star Wars”. Where he wanted to use lasers in space to destroy any missiles that were launched, it was not feasible.

4. Iran-Contra Imbroglio

  • to fight communists in Nicaragua and El Salvador, Reagan provided aid to the “contra” rebels who opposed the anti-American militants. When Congress refused to supply aid, he looked for alternative sources.
  • war between Iran and Iraq intensified. Many people in the US help Iran responsible for Several Americans held Hostage in Lebanon.
  • In 1986, Reagan secretly approved a deal to sell weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of the American hostages.
  • Authorities ordered Marine Colonel Oliver North to take the money from the Iran transaction and purchase weapons for the Contras in Nicaragua and El Salvador.
  • The decision directly violated the ban congress had enacted on such aid. When, this deal became public, National security advisor Admiral John Poindexter resigned, and Colonel North was fired from his position with the Security Council; but president Reagan denied knowing anything about the plan.