Email Etiquette

Elissa Thompson period- 2

Here are some good tips for emailing your friends bosses or family! :P

1. Don't write in all CAPS this is known as shouting and it can be annoying and rude.

2. Don't reply to all of your emails because some are just comments and could start to be annoying.

3. Answer emails fast because some people really need to know it could depend on work or jobs.

4. It should be personal and not sent not sent to everybody. and should say your/their name.

5. Ask before you send a attachment because it could have viruses and could be unwanted.

6. Don't talk with texting speech because it wont go through in some emails it can also be hard to read! lol

7. Use smiles and winks to make sure they know your joking XD around or sad :) or mad >:(

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