Welcome To Constantinople

The Best Place In The World

He is where we are located.

Come on down to worship in our Eastern Orthodox church also known as the Hagia Sophia.

Here is one of the aqueducts that carried water to Constantinople that was 1 km.  

Constantinople has its own water storage because the aqueducts came with to much water.

Come on down to the Hippodrome to see the best chariot racers of all time race.

Information: The government in our empire is very good because if you don't have very much money and cant afford food you can sweep our streets and get food and money. If we are getting attacked it is very likely we will win the fight because Constantinople is surrounded with water. Constantinople has very many goods because we are the trading stop for every country. There are many different languages here so if you speak a different language there will likely be other people that speak that language to because of people trading. There are many things to do in Constantinople such as going to see a chariot race that is held at the hippodrome, You can worship daily at the Hagia Sophia that is the biggest church in the world that has a dome like structure and 4 Towers around it. If you are worried about your health don't worry because we have many hospitals. We have one the biggest water storage's in the world and very many baths so you can keep clean. That is why you should come to Constantinople.

Constantinople Is Noble.