By:Aubrey Trickey



"What is a Cavachon?" You might ask, well I have the answer. Cavachons are a kind of dog that is a mix of a Bichon Frise and a King Charles Cavilier Spaniel.

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Cavachons can weigh up to 19 to 24 lbs,and 13 inches.

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Caring About a Cavachon

Your Cavachon will need plenty of exercise. Examples: take your Cavachon on ALOT of walks, and plenty of playtime. Your Cavachon will also need to communicate with other dogs, also meaning spend time with or play with. You also need to get toys and food and lots more for your Cavachon. And you as a owner play and spend time with your Cavachon.

Fun Facts

*Did you know that all kinds of dogs, any dog,that some owners of dogs think that dogs are annoying when they bark. They think that their dog is so disturbing they go to their vet and ask them to cut the dogs vocial cords and if the vet refuses to do it,{because in some states in the U.S. it is illegal in others it is legal.}The owners go home and do it their selves.

Vocabulary: vocial cords-help talk/bark.

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About the Author and Charlie

Aubrey Trickey has a Cavachon his name is Charlie, his birthday is April 7th 2013. He is 8 mos. old, "I have had him for 6 mos,"she says.

"What do you want?"

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