Brighton Beach Memoir
              by:Jonathan Gonzalez

The Great Depression was the longest - lasting economic downturn in the western industrialized world. Many farmers and employes became homeless.  The workers lost their jobs and couldnt afford to keep paying their homes so they had to move out. The Great Depression began in 1929 during the summer and it ended in 1939.

Colleges in the 1930's

Tuition for Colorado State University in the 1930's was up to 400 dollars. The room and board was up to 520 dollars. The text books were 45 dollars or less. Many colleges in the 1930's were closing because of the lack of money and now more schools are opening all over the world. Schools in the 1930's didn't have a lot of technology not like now that we do everything with technology. Colorado State University had a live ram there name was the Aggie Rams.

The price of gas in the 1930's was 17 cents per gallon. A burger in Mcdonalds cost 15 cents per burger. A pizza was only 10 cents. A doughtnuts was only 1 cent. The price of a car in the 1930's was about  1000 dollars. Another intresting thing i found is the the wood models kits were only 83 cents.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim:

Mr. Stroheim I did something I should've never done. It was something you probably were never expecting me to do. My parents always taught me to stand up for my principals and that's what I did Mr Stroheim. It was none of my business but I needed to stand up for my co-worker.

My principals have always been important to me they have been with me since I was small. Standing up my co-worker was the right thing to do but you took it the wrong way Mr Stroheim. I know that the hats were expensive and oil will nit come off but it was a accident he didn't mean to drop it Mr Stroheim. I don't want to loose my job its one of the most important thing for me.

The only thing I'm asking for is my job back Mr. Stroheim. I need to help my family out a little my job is the only thing i have to help them out. Please Mr. Stroheim i just want my job back. I promise to mind my own business next time anything happens.

Sincerely: Stanly Jerome

Broadway Show

Jersey boys first performance was in October 4 of 2005. A ticket to see the show is about $206.70 its can be really expensiveplayed its 3,000 performances on February 7, 2013.Jersey Boys became the longest running show in a Jujamycn Theater on November 29, 2011.

My Personal Review

Brighton Beach Memoir i think was the best and funniest book I've ever read. The play had lots of moral lessons and on of them that really got to me was

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