By: Jacob Peterson

The Chemical Reactions.

There are 3 different reactions that occur. There is luminescence, Incadescence, and redox. Luminescence is a reaction in which light is produced without heat. Incandescence is a reaction in which light is produced by heat. Redox is the reaction in which oxidation and reduction are combined and cause explosions.

Where does the reaction occur.

The reaction generally occurs in the firework itself. Depending on the firework its either airborn or ground based. If airborn its shot up in the air and explodes in color. If its ground based it's general small and don't usally explode as big.

Enviromental Impact

Fireworks do cause airpollution form the smoke produced from the explosion. It can also be toxic if inhailed.

Personal Experience

I have gone to several fireworks shows and i'm a bit of a pyro. By that I mean I like blowing things up. So thats why I like fireworks.

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