The Navajo Origin Legend

Tiara Worley, Takiyah Norwood, Tyler Richardson, Taylor Mercer, Tamara Pittman, Jordan Evans
1st Period
English III
Group 3

There was actually no setting announced in this myth but we believe it to be around the time of Adam and Eve.

The Major Characters was The Gods; The White Body, the Black Body, and the Blue Body. There is also a Yellow Body but it was not mentioned in the myth.

The Minor Characters was the Man and the Woman, those who were created.

The plot/problem of the myth was creating man and woman. There was a Navajo creation ceremony which seemed like it was done in a traditional way.

  • Event 1 - The buckskins were laid on the ground, one head towards the west and the other toward the east. Two ears of corn were placed between the buckskins with there tips to the east.
  • Event 2 - The white ear of corn represented the feather of the white eagle; the yellow ear of corn represented the feather of the yellow eagle. The White wind blew from the east and the yellow wind blew from the west.
  • Event 3 - Mirage people then walked around the Buckskins four times and then the tips of the feathers began to move.

The outcome was when the man and the woman were actually created. The white ears of corn became the man and the yellow ears of corn became the woman.

In conclusion to this myth we would like to say the the Navajo was sort of viewed as a source of life, mainly because it is the wind that comes out of our mouths now that fives us life. When this ceases to blow we die.

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