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Birds belong to a group of animals that have backbones, like humans. The group is named Vertebrates, just like mammals they stay warm despite the temperature outside. Birds have skeletons that are light, but strong and hallow, many of the bones are joined together. The wings on a bird is the strongest muscle they have, which is why birds are able to stay in the air for so long.  Although, there are some birds that can not fly, those birds are very quick runners, therefore the strongest muscles they have are in their legs. All birds have two legs, but not all look the same. Some birds have very bright colored feathers, while other birds do not.

The characteristics birds have help them in multiple ways to survive in the environment that live in. For example, the bills/beaks birds have are different depending on what they eat. Another example is the birds feet, while all birds have two legs, most birds only have four toes on each foot, three pointing forward and one pointing backward. Birds that climb a lot have five toes, three pointing forward, like all birds, and two pointing backward. The reason for the extra toe pointing backwards is so the bird will have a better grip on trees while climbing.

Order of Divisions

Kingdom: Anamilia

Phylum: Chordata

Order: Struthioniformes

Family: Aptertgidae

Class: Aves

Genus: Apteryx

Kiwi Birds

The kiwi has many unique characteristics due to the isolation and lack of animals in New Zealand. Kiwis are flightless birds, the Latin species name "Apteryx" means wingless. The kiwi belongs to a long history of flightless birds (the ratites), since Kiwis are flightless, no one is sure of how they arrived in New Zealand.

Kiwis are well known for the external nostrils at the tip of their long beak. The bird does not have very good eyesight, which makes the smelling and touching extremely sensitive. The bird uses its beak by tapping the ground as it walks, this helps the bird find where it is going, while also finding food.


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