Dance Project By Warren Barge, and Zarius Buharivala

Problem 1.

We will need $74.87 to attend the 7th grade dance.

$41.97 for the outfit.

$10.00 for the ticket to the dance.

$22.90 for the meal.

Problem 2.

If our parents give us $75 it will be enough to cover the total cost of going to the dance, because we only need $74.87. We will have $00.13 left over: $75.00 - $74.87 = $00.13.

Problem 3.

The increase in price from $10 for buying a ticket in advance, to $15 for buying a ticket at the door is a 50% increase.

Problem 4.

We have to pay back our parents $75 plus a 5% interest rate. We will need to pay them back a total of $78.75: $75 x 105 = $78.75.