Try to guess which animal i'm going to tell you about it lives in the rigid mountains of control Aisha. the snow leopard i'm going to tell you about what it eat's where it lives and it's pretenders.              


The snow leopard hunts carpaibex and the bharal and the ovisammon. those are the main food's that the snow leopards eat.


you can find a snow leopard in the rocky mointens of cintrol ahia. How hight up can you find them you can find them at 9,800 threw 17,000 feet.


Of cores humans are a predeter. so is the wiled sheep it's weird because the snow leopard also hunts the wild sheep.     

fun fact's

It's amazing snow leopards can't roar. they also there born blind.    


Now I hope you like the story and I hope you learned some thing about snow leopards.

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