Hope of the Internet

A better Future online

While online alot of people tend to look towards the bad side of all these dangers of joining the internet. This is a view that while mostly true, causes most people to completely bypass the wonders the internet can have on society and individuals. For instance the internet can be that thing that boosts someone in a time of doubt and brighten up their life for the better. Also the internet is place to get together and make friends and to have fun or even just to do work at home or school and make that work fun. The internet is also a place to make discoveries in art, science, even math helping our world. ALong with this friends and co-workers can work together towards a goal to accomplish that could very well contribute to our life. Another thing to think about is how your actions on the internet can impact a persons in the best of ways, such as just being nice to them or even helping them with things. Simple acts of kindness go a long way for some people. Dont forget bullies still linger around online and you could very well be the person to put them down to an end helping dozens of people with their own selves. Always consider others and make sure others feel welcome It'll go a long, long way in your own favor.

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