February Conference

by Varshini P.


On SRI I got 1,082 and I need a 740 to be proficient.

I need to work on my Dust of Snow  because I got 5/10.

I did pretty good on my Let It Snow because I got 9/11. The reason I  missed one problem is because I forgot to explain.

On my Vocab Review I got 12/12.

For my MLK I scored 8/10


For my Colorado Persuasive Essay I got 24/24=4.

Also I got 6/6=4 on my Settlers and Indians.

On my News ELA I got a 3. So I need to work on it.


I got an 10/10 on my Long Division quiz.

I got 5/5  on my Multiply and divide with 0 and Elapsed time quiz.

I scored a 4/5 on Unknown numbers in an equation so I need to work on that.

I also scored a 4/4 on my Fractions greater ,less ,equal to 1/2 quiz.

I got a 5/5 on my Add and subtract fractions quiz.

I scored a 10/10 on my Reducing fractions into simplest terms quiz.

I scored a 26/28 on my Unit 7 Multi-Digit Division.

Last I got a 28/30 on my Unit 9 Fractions, Line Plots


Social Studies and Science

I scored a 17/18 on my Chapter 4 Unit test.

I got a 22/30 on my Chapter 8 Unit test.

In science we are learning about Fossils.


My behaviors good except I complain a lot for math homework. Also I get frustrated sometimes.

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