Eugene Kim
8th Grade

Family History

              I am a Korean and my parents are also Koreans. We love to follow the Korean culture and respect our elders. I learned the language when I was very young even when I had no teeth. I always respected my parents and did as I was told. My sister would always get into trouble and would always ask me to bail her out of getting spanked. Of course we, as Koreans get spanked to the point of where the parents get a belt out and whip us. I sometimes also got spanked but it was a learning experience and I’m glad that I got to experience the feeling of pain.

               The Korean culture was brought to my family way back when my mom and dad moved to America to search for hope. Korea was going through a depression because of the nation was splitting into two. They came and worked very hard. They both, coincidentally were abused by their step mothers and came to America to be successful. My mom lived with her family and my dad traveled the U.S after being kicked out of his older sister’s house. He left and went to college with the little fund he had. Finding roommates very easily he used their cars, went to work, and live on his own. Eventually, he got accepted after an interview for a cleaning service company. He tried his very best every day to impress his boss. He got to sit and chat for a little while with his boss finally, figuring that the boss knew his older sister. My dad got brought back home and lived legally as a citizen. My mom came to America with her family and lived a relaxing life. She went to a community college but lived with her step mother and her father. Her stepmother would abuse my mom and kick her out of the house. My mom would have to sneak back in and sleep for the night and leave immediately after. Eventually my parents met while working and got married.

               My family has a strange past and now lives with enthusiastic hearts. We don’t fight anymore and my father has gotten a lot more caring for me now that I only see him once a week.

               I have three family members, my mother, father, and sister. They all dearly care for me and I use all my effort to accept the kind love they waste on me. Parents love their children to the point of death. I always feel the emotions they use going through me. My parents never got to be loved by their parents and I am very lucky to meet such great parents. My parents lived a difficult life that I would not have been able to bear. I just hope that the history my family contains is not a threat or a message offending anyone.


          The days of when I was very young, I was a very large dreamer at a very young age. After hearing a quote “A small mind speak about people, a medium sized mind speak about things, and large minds speak about ideas” I knew my life would have to be about something extraordinary.

      One of my most favorite dream jobs was becoming an archeologists. I always wanted to dig out fossils and discover something new every day. I also loved building and designing new buildings and creating ideas. I always built towers and buildings with Legos. I never gave up on finishing any creation. I called each one master pieces and cherished every moment. It was soon enough when my dad convinced me to become a doctor or pharmacist. Now my future job is becoming a pharmacist. I am choosing myself to attend Baylor University and succeed.

            One thing I really do love is music. I enjoy sitting and just relaxing, while playing on the drums or guitar. I would love to be in the music industry but I am also worried that it wouldn’t work out the way I would expect it to. I cannot take the risk of losing all I have worked for even though I still have many other dream jobs in queue.

           I do believe that nothing can get in your path if you do try your very best every single day. These ambitions everyone has is very important for the near future and this economy must continue without having a major issue. The motivation you must have to achieve great things is abnormal. No one can be successful or mighty without the power of knowledge. We all need to start today and dream enormous dreams that cannot be stopped by anyone.

Events/People who effect my life

            I have been living for fourteen years and I still am naïve. I can only learn so much that my life will only get difficult from here. The first event that hit me was when my parents got divorced. There were many other events that really made me realize that my life was reality and not a dream. Some memories aren't as clear and only happened when I was very young. When my parents got divorced they went their separate ways but luckily my dad still supports my sister and me.

                I believe there was a reason for this event to occur but I hope that I will not make an incorrect turn and ruin the relationship I have with the special people I love. My sister makes my life so much more different comparing to if I didn't have a sister. She accepts me for who I am and at least cares about my actions. I am blessed for my sister and I hope she succeeds and lives a greater and stronger life than me. Without my sister I wouldn't be in this position and I am truly lucky and loved.

               My friends also affect my life in many ways. I also would love to thank them for sticking with me for a while and not leaving my side. I may be abandoned by my fake friends but the real friends I have are funny, caring, and indescribable. I cannot live without my friends, though I sometimes do want to live somewhere isolated from civilization. I guess it's just the way life is. Hopefully my friends do live a better life and achieve their most difficult goal.

Cause I am Willing to Fight for: What are you passionate about?

                I am willing to fight for the freedom of countries who do not have the privilege to claim the American rights. Life is not equal and only causes civil wars between their own countries. I want to go out on a mission to fix lives that never were normal. I am grateful and I want others to feel the same way. I want to donate money and have so much compassion towards those who really are in desperate measures.

                 I also am passionate about music. I always loved to be myself while playing a instrument and showing the world what I am capable of. One thing I use most of my strength and energy is to not boast. I never want to give up nor make anyone else feel lost. Even when I feel like there is no hope for my life I will use everything I have and reach the highest point in life. I try to put all my effort into making beautiful music and getting good grades.

                In order for me to support others who are in need, I must get the best grade possible and succeed in all possible ways. I must expand my thoughts and make great ideas to achieve my goals. My dream is to become a pharmacist and assist curing those who thoroughly need it. I want to study a lot and do what I have never done before.

              I want to fight for the lives of the innocent and heal those who can't do it on their own. I have the motivation to fight for what I believe in and hopefully I will be able to make myself confident enough to really express my feelings for the world I live in.

Who Am I?

             I have learned a lot about myself over the years of my life. My life hasn't fully developed and I am still learning. I'm only fourteen and throughout the years of my life, I had days of joy and even days of tears. I don't get hurt often and I tend to act stronger than I appear. I've been through too much to give up on my life and I will prosper into a new generation with the job I am meant to do. After a few years I want to be attending Baylor University and become a pharmacist.

            When it comes to food I am fine with mostly anything. Being picky and judgmental is not my style only because I know if it were to happen to me, I would hate it. Nowadays there are many people who are very bias about their own routine. Choosing one side only because you have been with that object or person doesn't mean you should decide immediately for those people or objects.

              Seeing fear and a fiery heart of hate makes me feel very depressed. I never want to cause an issue for someone because of what I've done. When it comes to personality, I don't mind how someone looks. Even if the person does not look fascinating, the only thing that matters is their attitude. Optimists are normally better friends and more encouraging. A few of my friends are sensitive which bothers me. They react to an problem with a very aggravated mind. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes no matter how perfect you want to be. I really do respect how everyone was born and live.

           I never want anyone to judge me for who I am. It gets frustrating and annoying after a little while when people use assumptions and accusations to determine the personality of a person. Later into the future, I only want to be remembered as a guy who succeeded in life rather than a person who had no etiquette.

They were sleeping on the ride back home.


             I had many friends throughout the years of my life ever since I was born. I always only wanted to have friends who really cared about how my life was. Most of my friends are very amusing and I enjoy every second of my time spent with them. Of course, there are also times when I do get into the most ridiculous arguments with them even when it is useless.

              The first thing that frustrates me about my friends are making physical contact with each other either by hitting or slapping. It really gets on my nerves only because I very much hate it when someone makes any contact with me. Another thing I hate is when my friends act as if they are not illiterate or able to communicate. Yes, it is amusing for the few seconds it lasts but then I get very annoyed of it and I start to throw a tantrum. Lastly, the most annoying feature all of my friends have is being very sarcastic. From all of my friends I do not know anyone who is not caustic. At first it's hilarious but after a while it gets so annoying that I cannot maintain my composure. It gets to the point of where I ignore my friend or not even laugh and just stare. I stare with a soulless heart and begin to feel as if I hate my friends.

              After getting irritated by the foolish acts my friends decide to make, I feel very guilty. I want to make sure my friends do not get offended in any way. Friends are very precious and they do come then go. I want to keep every friend to the end of my life though that is nearly impossible. I tried to keep in touch with all the friends I have but it never works out. Losing a friend because I did something wrong gets me very antagonized.

             At the end of the day I use a solution to end the conflict with my friends. If this solution does not resolve the issue then I just let it be, but I will not tolerate an ignorant friend. My friends are very special and you should cherish every moment, even during the times of hate and despair. Friends really do make an odd difference in each and every one of our lives. We are all unique and special so we should accept one another for who we are.

Most Important Invention

               The most important invention while being in middle school is the multiple inventions of new music. In the music industry many new songs were created and released for the public to listen to. The world now can have something to look up to or love while doing other activities. Everyone listens to music nowadays. These new songs created relationship and love. Without music this world wouldn't be as successful as we are right now.

                 Music show emotions and thoughts which inspire others to really care about the meaning of their life. Music really pulled this world together and was used even through times of when we had a tough economy. Through the three years of middle school so many new songs were written and published. Music is always created as if it is endless.

                 Music has always made humans groove to it or really get an intimate connection with the song. Even in religions music is what makes them pumped up. Music makes us all very excited and we realize that life isn't as bad as we thought. Songs have a mood set but at the right moment and time you will feel refreshed with the expression you never had.

                Humans crave for music is insanity at this point. Music is probably the only thing that is invented weekly but not just any music, new music that has never been known to us. Music brings the light into our eyes and we sit while relaxing, enjoying the experience we never had. Music had a beginning and will never end unlike every other invention. All the other inventions will eventually lose the potential of doing great things once inventors run out of ideas. Music has options with chords that are made up of notes. The world is filled with hearts that will never forget about music which will prosper until the end of the world.


Hi, my son Eugene.

Eugene you are the pleasure of encouraging your mom. Indeed, I am glad you are my lovely son and born to me. Well this is not the real world Eugene. Mother once lived a hard time in this world. Why do people say it is so easy? Do not get discouraged, sometimes even letting my own ground as a desired mother is without having the courage of being gallant. I hope you are alive and well when you read this. Above all, we have received the selected child of God and you should always trust in God. Prayer is the way my I am alive and well. Use the talents that you have received from God, and use it properly. I want to be blessed like you are but I can’t get greedy. Your life is among good friends and you have a long life to come. Make sure to meet good friends. Meet your neighbors and be as friendly as you can. I will pray for you to have a successful, wonderful life. Overall, if you are happy and not sick you shouldn’t end in an unfortunate position as myself. Even when you apply for your University I hope you get accepted and receive a lot of scholarship. I hope you become the pharmacist you want to be and live with your family happily. Beginning from elementary to college, you need to make the best memories and constantly make more until the very end. Your mom is very glad and happy that I have you. Since you were young, I always received compliments and I was always proud of you. I just hope that you will continue to be the person you are and I will pray for you eternally.

-Love Mom



Caring, annoying, optimistic, and OCD

Son of Esther and Kenny, brother of Judy, and child of God

Who loves his family, lives in music, and wants to change the world

Who feels love for his family, hatred to inconsiderate humans, and motivation from not being perfect

Who fears bugs, famine, and destruction

Who learned many instruments

Who wants to experience being a musician, being successful, and having a family

Born in Carrollton, Texas and now lives in Lewisville, Texas



E- Enthusiastic most of the time during my days

U- Unlike any other human being on earth because I was made in a unique way

G- God is The Lord of my life

E- Each day I try my best to live my life as if it is my last

N- Never wanting to offend anyone in any way

E- Eagles are my motivation not only because they are my favorite but they are very independent and strong


There once was a man who was never told

Only because he was so cold

Nobody loved him

Just because he was called Tim

Until finally he found a lot gold

Limerick Poem #2

Friends are very precious

Sometimes a little vicious

Hopefully I'll survive

And be able to thrive

But yet I will still be reckless



Loving, dependent, caring, and innocent

Mother of Eugene and Judy

Who loves playing on her piano, taking care of her children, and wants to be a better person

Who feels compassion for music, love for her only two children, and regret for divorcing

Who fears losing her children, death, and loss of everything

Who learned how to be a wonderful mother

Who wants to be the best person, be a great believer of her religion, and lover of all hearts

Born in Seoul, Korea and now lives in Lewisville, Texas


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