Farm Manager by Keegan Minnaert

                      Professional requirements:

*2 year degree Ag business    *Good at running machines

*Good communication skills    * Be organized

*Be hard willing worker       *Have experience in field  


*Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science

*Bachelor of Science in Food Science

*Master of Science in Agriculture

*Master of Agribusiness


Quote from my dad Shawn Minnaert. "Don't watch me work if there is a opportunity to do help". This quote means that if your just standing twiddling thumbs while he works you shouldn't be on the job site.

                              Role Model:

I look up to my dad. He is successful hog and grain farmer. He has shown me a lot about farming and how to stay focus if things get stressful. I have a lot of respect for him he is hard worker in what he wants to do. I hope as his son I can follow in his foot steps to become as successful as he was.                                  He has teach me my responsibly of being a farm worker. How to get the job done on time and make sure it is done neatly. My dad has pushed me to learn from my mistakes and become a better person.

Becoming a farmer you have to make smart decisions. The editors of AGCAS described a little in what farmer has to do."Ability to make sound business decisions"(AGCAS 1). Farm managers deal with livestock and you have to make the right decisions on if they are sick or if its time to sell them.

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