Kiva Kids

In math class we are working to model micro finance in the small community of our school. To do this, our teacher divided us into to small groups and each of those groups started small businesses.

Coping and Resiliency

In life it is important to be able to take a hit and keep fighting. For example several things almost stopped us from having our first sale, like the sudden requirement of a bank account for our small company. We were able to do a lot of work really quickly and managed to have our first sale.

With a Bounce in Their Step The Bouncy Ballers Make Their First Loan

The goal of the small businesses our math class created was to a) model micro finance in our small community but also to take that money and lend it on Kiva and help people start their own businesses to help support themselves and their families. We were giving someone a hand and helping them and their family. We are asked to reflect on one of the nine global competency goals which are:

Coping and resiliency

Problem solving

Communication and collaboration

Comfort with the new and unfamiliar

Complexity of world issues

Geography, conditions, events and issues

Openness to new ideas and ways of thinking

Sensitivity and respect for differences

Value of multiple perspectives.

The one I chose to write about is problem solving because our loans through Kiva are helping others solve problems who don't have the money at the time to do so.  Problem solving is important everywhere, no matter what you do. Whether it is a large problem or a small one it is very important to find a solution. I hope this simulation will help me greater develop my problem solving skills, which will stay with me throughout my life.


Borrowing is very important. Without borrowing those with a great idea may never have the chance to turn their idea into a reality. Without borrowing their would be no loans. People need loans to start businesses, buy houses, cars, etc. Through our project we all got to experience borrowing, though not on as large a scale as say, houses. This however did nothing to change the importance of the money we were borrowing, in our mock micro lending.

I know while you are a borrower there are two main emotions. First there is anxiety. Will my loan get funded? Will I be able to pay it back? If I can, will I pay it back in time? Will my idea work? These questions are always racing through your mind during the process, which I found it quite nerve racking. The second emotion, I would say, is happiness. Your loan got funded, you are doing well hence you are happy. I know others may have had a different experience to the one I had but that is my experience.

14 Words

If I had to summarize our Kiva project in a quote, the quote I'd use would be "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." -Colin Powell. We had a dream, which was to make money to lend on Kiva. We then put in the effort. Lots of emails to write, things to stay on top of. That is why we are where we are. Because we put in the hard work and the effort.

The Last Competency

Out of the nine competencies, I believe I should do one more. The last competency I will write about will be... Coping and Resiliency... Again. Please paste this link into your browser.