Ryan 6A

Prestige overcomes some Worldwide problems

My name is Ryan and I'm proud to be a Prestige Worldwide member. Prestige Worldwide is a group in the Kiva Kids project. The Kiva Kids project is a project where we get put into groups and in the groups we have to choose a product to sell, choose the quantity of that product, chose how much you are going to ask for, for your loan and then wait to get funded. My group chose to sell light up yoyo balls and we chose to get 5 dozen. Then we did the math and 5 dozen was $79.95 so we left $5.05 for ads and shipping, so we asked for a $85.00 loan and we got fully funded in 28 days. It was great experience waiting for our but we had to overcome some problems.

My group had to overcome some big problems. We had a problem with which product to get. Another problem was that we had some absences.
Overall in the past few weeks my group and I have learned a lot of problem solving.
Learning problem solving has really helped me in life.

Prestige worldwide had to communicate in order to agree on where to loan too. It was stressful and involved a lot of communicating to figure out which countries would pay back quickest so we could get more loans in. Earlier

in the year we had to communicate to decide what product to buy that students would like for a reasonable price. It was hard and stressful but we comunicated and figured it out.

Being a borrower is very stressful and tense but fun at the same time. It is stressful and hard because sometimes we don't sell a lot and don't make a lot of money. It is challenging because we think that our customers are tired of this product and we should get a new one but, we don't have enough money to buy much stuff and we want to sell out first so we don't have too much product. Another challenging time was when we were doing okay with money this week and we were proud but then we forgot about payback and we had to payback 1/4 of our money so that made us drop in amount of money. It is very hard with payback especially at the times when your company drops or gets low on money.

"Stressed but blessed" -anonymous. This quote that reacts to my feelings about this project because during the process I felt stressed but blessed at the same time. I felt stressed because we had to purchase product, organize sales, sell, advertise, make loans and payback all at the same time. It was very stressful but I felt blessed because we still had buyers and supporters to help us keep getting money to help the process continue.

I resonate with geography, conditions, events and issues right now in the Kiva Proces because we are wrapping up and we have money that we need to lend. So we need to think about where to loan and which places might not pay back because of what's going on in the world at the moment.