Morning-After Pill

Morning After Pills as Abortive Agents ?

What Is It?

The Morning After-Pill is a small pill with a large dose of the hormone progestin that is taken by women as an emergency method for birth control after unprotected sex (Angello, Tony). The extra dose of this hormone can stop the release of an egg from the ovary, prevent fertilization, thicken cervical mucus to make it harder for the sperm to reach the egg, and keep the egg from attaching to the womb (Angello, Tony). This pill has a higher chance of effectiveness if taken less than 12 hours after unprotected sex, but it can be used within 72 hours of intercourse (Contraception). There is no evidence that the pill will harm a baby and it will also not end a pregnancy that has already started (Angello, Tony). The pill must be prescribed for anyone under the age of 18, but it can be bought over counter for anyone older (Angello, Tony). This pill is not a form of abortion and should not be mistaken as an abortive agent because it does not effect an already pregnancy (Angello, Tony).

How It works:

Why IS this an Important topic in today's society?

This pill is often used in emergencies as rape or incest (Morning-After Pill). It is also used by women after unprotected sex or after the primary form of birth control did not work. This pill causes a lot of controversy to individuals because it is commonly mistaken as a form of abortion.

Pros and cons


- Prevention of unwanted pregnancy (Angello, Tony)

- Prevention of termination of pregnancy (Angello, Tony)

- Seven of every 8 women who would have gotten pregnant will not become pregnant if they take the pill within 72 hours (Angello, Tony)


- May cause nausea and vomiting (Morning-After Pill)

- Formation of clots (Morning-After Pill)

- Dizziness, Tiredness, headaches (Angello, Tony)

-Possible of increase in sexual activity between young people

My Opinion

There is a lot of controversy on The Morning-after Pill. In my opinion, this pill is very beneficial to many women. Although some people may argue that this pill will increase sexual activity between young peoples, this can be counteracted by the cost of the pill. The pill is between $40-$60 and must be prescribed by a doctor for those who are less than 18 years of age (Hellmich, N., & Healy, M.). Due to the cost of the pill, it will be harder for younger adults to be able to attain it. They may also be more cautious and use protection so that they do not have to lose the money for this tiny pill. It is also effective for those who have been raped. Taking this pill to prevent pregnancy is a better option than becoming pregnant and resorting to abortion.

Where to find more information

Information on Morning-After pills can be found in many places. It would be best to contact a doctor about it if you are seeking for information on how the pill may affect you personally. You can also go to a local Planned Parenthood to get more information on whether or not the pill is right for you.

For basic information about the pill:


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