This card is so awesome like i love this card. Its a divorce card so if its you and your ex wife you get a card ripe it apart and give the other half to her get it cause its a divorce because i get it. :) They should of had this business card when my parents got divorced! :)

This card is cool his face pops out but other the that i would say what the business is but i can't really see good.

This card is for gardeners and its cool because if it is your first time their they are giving you a sample of a plant you can plant or something i like this card :)

this business card is cool its a salon card but it is also a comb like if you ever had a bad day you got your own comb card i think this one is cool to :)

Business card that turns into a box. because its a shipping business card so its likee your shipping this card could of used a different color box but i guess the box are always brown, but the card is perfect for their company.

This card is wierd. its like meat or something

this card is like not good at all they could of made the cuts at the end longer.

i like the colors of this card i just dont like the business card like its clear its wierd.

he should have his face like on a business card it shouldnt be like a business card its wierd