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About Columbia University

    Columbia University was founded in 1754 by King George the II of England and named Kings College. It is the fifth oldest school in the United States. In fact, the American Revolution caused the growing of the university to be paused. Some of the fist students to attend Columbia (originally Kings College) were; Alexander Hamilton, Governor Morris (author of the original Constitution), and Robert Livingston (one of the five who drafted the Declaration of Independence).

    In 1784, the university opened once again with the new name, Columbia University. This name was based on the patriotic feelings that inspired the revolution. Over all the university had four different homes until it settled in Morningside Heights in 1897.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Admissions Data (2015)

  • Percentage of Applicants Admitted: 7%
  • Test Scores-- 25th/27th Percentile

SAT Critical Reading: 690/780

SAT Math: 700/790

SAT Writing: 690/780

ACT Composite: 31/34

ACT English: 32/35

ACT Math: 29/35

ACT Writing: 8/10

Tuition & Costs

As of 2014-2015

Full Time Student:

Tuition: $56,679

Health Service Fee: $928

Standard Medical Insurance: $2,633

University Fees: $912

Transcript Fee (one-time): $105

Technology Fee (one time): $1,000

Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable): $1,000

TOTAL: $63,257


Myrea Neomi Mora

14894 Love Point El Paso, Texas 79938
T: (915) 677-3329 F: 847-635-2654 E:

To obtain an editing position at any successful publishing company. This career would allow me to excel in my reading and grammar skills.


El Paso Times (Summer of 2015-2018)

Throughout the summers of my high school life I volunteered at my hometown’s newspaper company. I observed an editor in action as he went through the columns of writers for the company. At the El Paso Times I picked up many skills

Disney Career (2026-2028) 

The summer after I graduated from college I applied as an editors assistant and was given the position. I worked here for two years and excelled as an editor.


After graduating top 10 of the El Dorado Aztec Class of 2018 I was accepted into Columbia University. After hard work for a hard working filled six years of college I graduated with a Masters Degree.


  • Great Communication Skills
  • Kind Hearted
  • Delicateness to Any Challenge Given
  • Leader to Fellow Peers
  • Technologically Advanced
  • Hard Worker
  • Overachiever
  • Not Biased or One-sided
  • Open to All Ideas
  • Creative Imagination


  1. GT Student
  2. ib Program
  3. National Honors Society
  4. Flags

Campus Life: Tree Lighting and Yule Log Ceremonies

               Columbia has been annually celebrating the lighting of the trees.                         The Blue Key Society is in charge of this celebration. They go through campus until lighting the log at John Jay lounge. This tradition had been going on sine the founding of Kings College but did not start up again until 1998.

Degree Plan: Journalism

*  In order to become an editor just as I wish to be, it requires lots of experience and a degree in Journalism, English, or Communications. I plan to major in Journalism and minor in Communications *

Required News-Editorial Core - 21 hours

JOU 2303 Beginning Reporting and Writing
JOU 3325 Editing
JOU 3355 Media Photography I: Introduction
JOU 3375 Advanced Reporting and Writing
JOU 4380 Law and Ethics of Journalism
One course from: JOU 3376 History of American Journalism, or JOU 4359 History of Photography
One course from: JOU 4325 Advanced Editing, or JOU 4340 Writing and Editing for On-Line Media

Journalism Electives - 9 hours Students may mix and match from any of these sub-categories (these and other electives offered vary by semester):

Journalism Elective Courses
JOU 3310 Sportswriting
JOU 3386 Editorial and Column Writing
JOU 3387 International Communication
JOU 3389 Magazine and Feature Writing
JOU 3391 News Internship
JOU 3393 Religious Communication Internship
JOU 3397 Advanced Magazine Editing
JOU 4325 Advanced Editing
JOU 4398 Public Affairs Reporting
JOU 4330 News Media and American Society
JOU 4340 Writing and Editing for On-Line Media
JOU 4350 Mass Media and Popular Culture

Photojournalism Electives
JOU 3356 Media Photography II: Photojournalism
JOU 3357 Advanced Photography
JOU 3392 Photo Internship
JOU 4359 History of Photography
JOU 4360 Documentary Explorations

Broadcast Journalism Electives
JOU 3315 Electronic News Reporting
JOU 3387 International Communication
JOU 3391 Broadcast News Internship

Required Minor or Concentration

All students must complete a minor offered in another department of the College of Arts and Sciences or a concentration from a school outside Arts and Sciences.

Cover Letter for Editors Position

Mrs. Ashley Gomez

Penguin Random House

1745 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mrs. Gomez,

     I wish to apply for an editors position at your publishing company. I have a Journalism and Communications Degree from Columbia University in which I graduated in the year 2022. I have experience from internships throughout New York and from Disney Career as an editors assistant.

      I am currently at Disney Career but am seeking to reach new levels as an editor with your company. Some of my skills may include being; open minded, an excellent reader, and most importantly having a passion for writing.

      It would be without a doubt the greatest honor to be trusted with this position in your company. I know that I will excel in every task that is given to me and take my time to review soon to be novels or manuscripts.


Myrea Mora

Myrea Mora

14894 Love Point

El Paso, Tx 79938


Letter of Recomendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Myrea Mora for a position as an Editor for your company. Myrea is a great student in my class. She has always turned in amazing pieces of writing that showed how hard-working, creative, and intelligent she is.

Myrea has done remarkable work that has shown how talented she is. Myres is efficient and is a natural at what she does. On one of her recent assignments, I asked the class to make a newspaper and fill it with stories that were current. Her work turned out the best out of her class. It was informative and it was interesting. Myrea's work was also showed how much great potential that she has.

Myrea is always looking for a new challenge and a new way to write about what is going on. I have no doubt that she is a great candidate for your company. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at (915) 747-5000.

Thank you,

Stephanie Granados

Journalism Professor

University of Texas at El Paso

El Paso, TX 79968

Tel: (915) 747-5000

Persuasive Essay

   As a child I did not play outside nor watch tv as others. I would sit in my room ripping papers out of small notebooks and digging through my brain to write stories. Stories that were based on my life but in different worlds and how i imagined myself when I become older. Then I would staple the pages together and color the pictures I drew.In elementary school in the first grade I was skipped up a grade due to my high reading level. Then, in the third grade I hit the high school reading level. Reading has without a doubt always been my favorite thing to do and when it came to school Reading/English has always been my easiest topic.

   This continued on into high school when I was accepted into the International Baccalaureate program at El Dorado High School. I applied for the program to get college credit internationally. Most of my life I have been the “overachiever” and that title had many negative connotations throughout my years of public school. I have always tried my hardest so that I can be at the top of my classes. Occasionally I would fall off of track due to flag practice but my first and only priority has been school.

   Throughout high school I was faced with the choice between school or fun. Of course I chose wisely and correctly. If I had not I would definitely not be where I am today. My friends would invite me to take the night out and have fun with them. They would use lines such as,”..But you’re always doing homework” or,” Don't we matter more?” and the most used phrase,” Why do you have homework on the weekend?” It was only a matter of realizing who my real friends are.

   I wish to fulfill my dreams of traveling to a new place, graduating with a degree in Journalism and Communications, and being part of a legendary university. Since middle school I have been researching the school I want to attend and to this day that school has been Columbia University.

   The chances of me attending this University are slim (7 percent to be exact) but I am certain that I will still be at the top of my classes as I always have been and I will excel in the Journalism College at Columbia. Many great people have been accepted to and have gone to Columbia University and I know for a fact that I am destined to do so as well.

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