Criminal Minds
Marketing in Entertainment

IPad Air 2

Manufactured by Apple

The team uses hard files, one team member uses a tablet. They could all have IPad Air 2, instead of the paper files.

LifeProof Cases

While they have tablets here you cant clearly see the brand and the case are all the same.This could be used by all the agents.

Fenix Pocket Flashlights

They always are searching with their hand pistols and flashlights. It could be setup that the camera would zone in on the pistol and flashlight to show the brand. All the agents would be using this brand. 

Mac Computers

Garcia's office filled with computers could all be replaces with Mac computers. Mac computers are clearly one of a kinda not like any others. There unique shape and style make them clearly stand out to competition.


The main age group to watch this show is 18-49 years old. The IPad and Mac computers focus more on the younger demographic, the case that protects the investment into the IPad goes more towards the older generation. Flashlights now come on most cell phones but the older generations still probably have the flashlight kept in the car and house.

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