Back To The Future

1. What will 2015 hold for you? Our world?

2. Back to the Future 2 was released in 1989. What will our world look like 26 years from now? What do you predict for 2041?

   I think 2015 will make big changes to me and to our world. Big changes mean turning something into a different way. The world and I can face challenges which will make us choose things differently. There will be plans or goals for all of us to do in order to stand on the path that we want. Like Political, Economic, and Social are things that can hold for us.

   In 2041, I predict that there will be a lot of changes about technology with all different people. There might be more machines and roads up in the sky. Population will increases and all people around the world will be having fun with their families, friends, and many other different people too. Teenagers and children might go to school in their own bedroom for everyday because they already have a technology with them which tells them about school.